How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Are you tired of your Facebook account, The only option is to permanently delete it. 
Below I am going to discuss the ways you can delete a Facebook account permanently. 

Steps to be followed in order to delete your Facebook account 

1. Download a copy of your Facebook data as it might be useful. This is called back-up
 and this is found under General settings. 
 2. To be on a safer side most times its better to untag yourself from posts of friends
and this is done under privacy settings.

3. In the menu on the left, click on Security to deactivate the account.
 4. Confirm action by entering your password

Note: After deactivating the Facebook account, do not attempt to login. The process
takes a period of two weeks for the account to be deleted permanently. 

In-case of any other Method, you can share in it comment..!

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