How To Boot Android Phone Faster

Many people are becoming so impatient that they can not wait till the Android phone boots. Some Android gadgets take longer than normal to start.

Take an example; you have requested a contact from a long time friend that is in a hurry and to find your phone was off, What could you do.? In this article i am going to show you simple steps you can take on how to boot an android phone faster.

 How to Boot Android Faster

Steps 1.

You need to root your android device, Rooting gives you the full control or access of your android and the apllication only works in rooted android.

Step 2.

Download and Install Root Explorer that helps to access all system files that exist on the device after rooting it.
Step 3.
Open Root Explorer you just install and browser system Folder. in that folder lies a system file called Build.prop.

Step 4.

Then tap to Open the file and then choose any text editor to Add the following code..and then save it.

Close the file and restart your android, you will notice it faster than before. any question regarding How to boost Android phone faster, is highly welcomed.

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