How to Access a Blocked Website At Campus

Blocked website

Almost all Schools today have resorted to blocking access to social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, IG, linkedin, Instagram, MySpace, MyLife and other dating sites. While schools and colleges are blocking such websites through their wireless network, there are various ways that you can access restricted sites through your laptop or other wireless devices. 

The trick to access blocked websites is very simple and requires you not to install any software or use online proxies such as and the rest which you need pass through first to access a blocked website. The trick only requires to enter DNS server addresses in the Network properties. Below is how the process is done.

Steps to follow to access blocked websites on your computer or laptop

1.    1. Connect to the Wireless or Ethernet network first.
2. On your computer go to Start > control panel > Network and Internet > “Open Network and Sharing Center

3.  In the Network and Sharing Center area, select a network you are connected to access its properties. In image below I am connected to a wireless network but it makes no difference if you are connected to an Ethernet Network, all works the same.

4. In the network properties window that pops-up goto Properties.

5. In the properties, double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and then Select "Use the following DNS server addresses".

4.      6. In the DNS server addresses area Enter the DNS servers addresses as indicated in the picture below:

Press OK and now you can browse whichever website that has been blocked on the network.
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