Apple's main features that exist in other tech companies.

Huawei's new Android phone comes with a pressure sensitivity feature called Force Touch. Apple introduced a similar feature with the same name a year earlier with the Apple Watch

Huawei's Force Touch allows the screen to detect different levels of pressure. This is similar to what Force Touch does in the Apple Watch and what 3D Touch does in the new iPhone 6S.

Although Samsung has released gold versions of its phones long before 2013, the trend didn't really catch on until Apple added a new gold color option for the iPhone that year. After Apple unveiled the gold iPhone 5s, Samsung promoted its gold Galaxy S4, HTC released a gold model of the One M7, and a gold version of the LG G2 was spotted online

There are some Android phones that look a lot like the iPhone 6/6S. Lenovo's S90 Sisley, for example, has the same rounded metal edges and overall design as the iPhone 6.

The marketing materials Lenovo released for the phone looked a lot like Apple's, too.

Lightweight laptops with wedge-shaped, metal designs became popular after Apple released the MacBook Air in 2010.

Companies such as HP, Asus, and others were accused of mimicking the MacBook Air by implementing the same lightweight metal wedge-shape design into their own notebooks. Leander Kahney at Cult of Mac rounded up a bunch of MacBook Air lookalikes he saw at CES in 2012.

Samsung's Gear S2 has circular app icons just like the Apple Watch. The Gear S2 is unique from most smartwatches in many ways, but the one area where it slightly resembles the Apple Watch is its app icons. The Gear S2's app icons look like small bubbles just like that of the Apple Watch.

Once Apple unveiled the iPad in 2010, other tech companies released slimmer tablets with thinner bezels.

Apple didn't invent the tablet, but it sure did influence its design. A graphic published by MacRumors forum user SockRolid back in 2010 perfectly summed up Apple's impact on the tablet industry, as shown above.

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