Facebook Tests Reactions, Now Goes Beyond the Like Button

Facebook is testing its effort to move beyond the Like button, with a new feature called Reactions. This came up when many people started posting on Mark's page requesting for reactions in-case someone lost a relative or a friend.

In this case we imagine how a SORRY button would look like.
sorry button

Reactions are essentially emoji by another name, with users gaining a range of different faces they can apply to status updates. According to Engadget, Facebook will start testing Reactions in Spain and Ireland today (Friday).

dislike button

Like many other sites such as youtube, we originally reported that a Dislike button was coming, but that’s not actually the case. Instead, these Reactions will all be offered under the original Like button. The other Reactions are Love, Laughter, Smiling, Shocked, Sadness, and Anger. More options will likely be added before this gets rolled out to all users.

The new reactions will apply to user posts and those from "pages" alike, with a breakdown of which responses each missive received. Although in Ad Manager, all reactions will still be considered as a "like" for now. There are no details about when this might start showing up in other regions, but Facebook is well known for testing new features on smaller sections of its audience before rolling them out wholesale.

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