Latest Samsung's Galaxy S2 Tab at a glance

Samsung new Galaxy S2 Tab reviews pose challenge for the common Apple's IPad. Samsung has come with two new tablets: the 9.7-inch and 8-inch Galaxy Tab S2 hence a stiff competition with Apple company.

Physical appearance

S2 Tab has plastic aluminum body compaired to the metallic iPad, the plastic bodies of Tabs are enclosed in metal frames. So far the gadgets are in black, white, and gold cases with chamfered edges

The 9.7" Super AMOLED display of the Tab S2 9.7 has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a pixel density of 264ppi. Those numbers debuted for the first time in the Apple iPad 3 and are now more or less a standard for high-end Android tablets as well.


  • The power key, the volume rocker, and the microSD card slot of the tablet sit on the right. The left side of the Galaxy Tab S2 left blank.
  • The tablet has an 8MP back camera but no LED flash. besides the camera there are two dot-like receptacles for snapping accessories to the tablet. 
  • like most Samsung gadgets, the three navigation buttons are located below the display of the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. 
  • Above the screen is where the 2.1MP front-facing camera, an ambient light sensor, and a Samsung logo reside. 


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is multifunctional, that is: it supports more than one activity or upto around 5 or 6 active apps.

You pull down from the top of the screen to minimize apps.

Tab S2 has a more attractive and beautiful screen than the iPad, it also has great features which you would love to have as a smartphone user. whether you should buy it or not we have different preferences. i still use the Apple Ipad however.

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