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Passwords have been around for almost as long as computers have been. Even today, however, there are challenges associated with password use. For example, a user might forget a password or require more granular security than a standard login provides. Whatever the challenge, a number of utilities are available for working with passwords. 

1: Windows Password Key Standard

 Windows Password Key Standard is a tool for recovering lost Windows administrative passwords. Unlike password crackers, this tool is not designed to decrypt the administrative password, nor can it be used as a hacking tool. Instead, it allows the administrator to create a DVD that can be used to reset the administrative password for a specific machine in the event that the machine's password is lost. A USB flash drive can be used as an alternative to a DVD.

2: Quicky Password Generator

 Quicky Password Generator is a free tool for generating random passwords. It lets you choose the password length and some password attributes, such as whether you want to use special characters.

3: Kruptos 2 Professional

Kruptos 2 Professional  is designed to password protect a user's data. Although Windows password protects user sessions, there are situations in which a user may require extra security. This is especially true for shared computers on which data is stored locally.

4: 2 Password

 2 Password  is a free tool that is sometimes mis-advertised as a password cracker. However, this tool does nothing to crack passwords. Instead, its purpose is to help those who are keyboard challenged. We've all seen password prompts that display asterisks instead of the characters that are actually being typed. This utility forces the actual keystrokes to be revealed as a password is entered.


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