Would Microsoft translator app lead to google translate extinction..!

Microsoft launched Microsoft Translator for iOS and Android, with both versions also including apps for their respective smartwatch platforms.

You can type or speak the word or phrase you want translated. In response, the app shows you the translated text on the screen and then speaks it for you.

You can also and copy and paste text from and to other apps for translation. At this point, Microsoft Translator supports 50 different languages, including English, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

Limitations of google translate

The service limits the number of paragraphs and the range of technical terms that can be translated, and while it can help the reader understand the general content of a foreign language text, it does not always deliver accurate translations, and most times it tends to repeat verbatim the same word it's expected to translate. 

benefits of the microsoft app

Microsoft Translator provides several benefits to Apple Watch wearers. You can speak directly into your watch to get an instant translation in any of the 50 different languages. The app can correctly pronounce the phrase for you through your watch. And all your translations and settings are synchronized between your watch and your phone.

What would be your score for the app ? download it here at play store

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