Next Android 6.0 M unvielled, M for Marshmallow.

android marshmallow
Google has revealed its latest android operating system (Android M)  confirming that M stands for "Marshmallow" the name of its next update for smartphones and tablets.

The software, previously only referred to as Android M, was announced earlier this year during Google I/O, the search giant's annual developer conference.

Features expected

Android Marshmallow will also include a new feature for the search giant's digital assistant Google Now, called Now On Tap.

Android Pay, a revamped mobile payments service, will let people pay for goods both in apps and at retail stores using their phones.

Google is also working on reducing background activity in order to save on power with Android Marshmallow while also adding in native fingerprint sensor support, allowing for fingerprint verification on the lock screen and in apps before making purchases.

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