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Now days their are many tips for net you can see on net, When you will search on Google Free net, Then Google will give you hug result, But Google don’t know which is working method and which is better for you, We just adding this method by popularity of net means we just adding codes and setting for net which most shared by peoples.
Then let’s ! Know about its Setting and codes for Airtel Free Internet Tricks :-
  • Name- TechHacks.Org
  • APN-
  • Proxy-
  • Port- 80
  • proxy :
  • port : 80
  • Apn :
Note – Please Try when balance Zero
As you know that these tips and tricks are not shared by Airtel means, its not official, So we are not responsible about this trick, Means it will work for you or not, We just adding this tricks due to high demand of our fans, So if you wanna use this trick then use it with your responsibility. If it will work for you then give a comment for say thanks. If you have any suggestion or you know any working method, Then just suggest us.
Airtel Free Internet 3G trick with unlimited download. No need to worry for speed capping and all those hassles. You just enter the by default setting provided by Airtel and change HP,proxy and port or Create another setting with new name but previous APN. And everything is ready So Get your settings below.
  2. Proxy:-
  3. Port:-80
Note:This airtel trick support Gmail,Youtube,and ssl site like mediafire and others
  3. Port:-80

  2. /
  3. Port:-80
And Now save above as default and You are ready to experience the Speed.
Note :- don’t change anything.remember but disconnet after 80 MB
Enjoy…. ! This trick works at zero balance and all over india.
#2 Tata Docomo Free Internet Trick 2015
This is confirmed working almost all over India. We are exclusively sharing this trick with our user without any survey so they can enjoy this trick. As we know that Docomo is offering free true caller service in which you can surf true caller site free. and From this service we discover A new host which helps to use free Docomo 3G free inetrnet. Features:
  • Full 3G speed with unlimited downloading
  • Support all secure gateway with Parallel Downloading.
  • Torrent Downloading supported
  • No disconnection issue
Procedure to configure Tata Docomo 3G Trick 2015
  1. Make sure you have NMD VPN installed on your PC if you dont have Download if from HERE
  2. Just download the TCP config (direct link provided in the trick file) and paste it into C:> Program Files:> NMD VPN:> Config folder.
  3. Connect with your modem using APN Tata.Docomo.Internet
  4. Now instantly connect with our given TCP Config.
  5. Thats’s It! VPN Tunneling connection will be connected instantly!
For Mobile User :
  1. And if you have not a PC/Computer, Still you can enjoy this trick on your Android smartphone.
  2. Download and extract config in SD card.
  3. Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android. Or Click Here
  4. Install Open Vpn in you android device.
  5. Add Docomo true caller Config to open Vpn folder.
  6. When it ask user name password (see username-password.txt in attachment) enter it.
Run and Enjoy :)
#3 Vodafone Free Internet Trick 2015 (Updated 2 Feb 2015)
Vodafone Free Internet Trick 100 working all Over India !! (Latest)
  1. proxy:-
  2. port:-940
  4. Apn:-www
  5. Balance:- 0
More Tricks For Mobile :-
  1. Make a New Configuration Settings with the below Details
  2. Account Name: any
  3. Access Point: portalnmms
  4. Proxy:
  5. Port: 9401
  6. As the main trick is of home page, use this
  7. In place of free-ip use any of the free-ip or free homepage that opens even at Rs 0.0 balance. Free homepage working are , ,
For PC :-
  1. Connect Simply with portalnmms as access point
  2. For Browsing Use the Proxies and Ports in Google Chrome or Firefox as given above,
  3. For Downloading use the above Proxies in IDM Settings.,
  4. In the Url Bar simply enter
  5. In place of free-ip use any of the
  6. In place of free-ip use any of the free-ip or free homepage that opens even at Rs 0.0 balance For e.g. Free homepage working are , ,
checkout more tricks on

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